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About the forum

Within the Program of the “Sport and Russia 2015” Award the Business Program named #SportBusinessInvestments is planned. This program will feature major Russian and foreign specialists to discuss topical issues of partnership development in the sphere of sport and healthy lifestyle:


  • Implementation of sports projects;

  • Sports marketing;

  • Investments in sport;

  • Sport management;

  • Public-private partnership in the sphere of sport;

  • and others.


The Business Program includes seminar sessions during which students of Sochi relevant higher educational institutions will discuss the following issues:


  • Sports marketing;

  • Sport management;

  • Investment projects in sport;

  • Realization of social sports events;

  • and others.

The preliminary list of issues to be discussed during the Business Program:

  1. Sponsorship: Sports, Leagues, and Teams;

  2. Investment in Sports Facilities: Construction, Reconstruction, and Integration;

  3. Effective Use of Sport in Marketing and PR Communications;

  4. Advantages and Disadvantages of Sports Celebrities Participation in Advertizing Campaigns;

  5. Involvement of Customers in Mass Social Spots Business Projects;

  6. Social Mission of Sports Goods and Clothing;

  7. Cooperation between the Business Sector and the Public Administration in the Sphere of Sport Promotion;

  8. Journalism, Sport, and Business: Secrets of Fruitful Cooperation.

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